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Croquettes ranks the third most requested tapa in Spanish bars

  delicious croquettes for snacks


Did you know croquettes ranks the third most requested tapa in Spanish bars? 

Yes, it is; only behind the Spanish omelette and bravas, according to the National Tapa Study prepared by Saborea Spain, but behind hides a wide variety of stories and anecdotes that we are going to reveal.

A dish widely consumed by the Spanish, but not of Spanish origin.

Both the recipe and the original name of this product, "croquette", that means crunchy, are originally from France.
They were an invention of the chef Marie-Antoine Carême to impress Grand Duke Nicolas of Russia and he decided to cover a plate of béchamel with breadcrumbs. He called it "Croquettes a la Royale" , Royal Croquettes.
These recipes are far from what we know today as croquettes and they arrived in Spain some time later.