Minimum order 1 kg😋

How to de-Frost?

  • Our delicious authentic Spanish croquettes are served frozen and must be stored at -18°C or less. 
  • Depending on the quantity you need, take the individual croquettes out of the bag and put them on a tray (without covering) and leave in the fridge (0°C – 5°C) for ¾ of an hour. The croquettes will keep fresh for 4 days. 
  • Deep-fry a maximum of 8 to 10 units for 40 seconds at 190°C. Do not move the basket whilst they are cooking. 
  • Remove the croquettes from the deep-fryer and leave on absorbent paper for 30 seconds to remove any excess oil. 
  • NB: 25g croquettes can also be fried frozen. Although for the best results, we prefer to follow the process above.