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Who We Are

  • Lalola is passionate about making genuine, unique, delicious and typical Spanish Croquettes. All our Croquettes are made with the finest ingredients and along with the love and attention you’d make them at home for you and your family. They are delicately made to satisfy the most demanding of appetites.
  • Our Chef Cristina Comenge´s greatest passion is cooking. Most of her happiest moments happened in the kitchen surrounded by food, pots and pans !! Over time, she applied her energy and enthusiasm into making these delicious delights.
  • After acquiring valuable knowledge on gastronomic studies and spent one year at the prestigious Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris and having an exceptional background working in several restaurants, she decided to open her own, called Oven 180, in one of the most prestigious areas in Madrid. This restaurant became a gastronomic point of reference in Madrid for over 5 years.
  • The increasingly high demand of Cristina Comenge’s croquettes, very much appreciated by well-known gastronomic critics and individuals alike, numerous restaurants owners asked Cristina if they could purchase them and sell them in their own restaurants.
  • After many months of investigation and market research, Cristina Comenge decided, in early 2013, to embark on a new venture under the name “Oido Cocina Gourmet” where she would produce the "Famous Croquettes of Oven 180" on a large scale, whilst maintaining the “gourmet experience”.
  • Now in 2020, a new adventure of expanding the business in Asia with “lalola” brand partnership is setting up to provide Cristina Comenge’s delicacy: her croquettes. Landing in Hong Kong as a first destination, one of the top ranked and well-recognized culinary cities all over the world, Cristina Comenge’s croquettes are ready for Hong Kongers to enjoy such delicious and unique croquettes